Is your wooden floor in desperate need of a makeover? If you’ve been forced to become accustomed to staring at scratches, discoloration, and other imperfections, it’s time to consider hiring a good floor sanding company. But where to begin?

It can be hard to find a reputable, trustworthy company that you can depend on to do a great job, for the right price. When living in Perth, you want to proudly show off your home and your unique wooden floors. If you’re going to invest your time and money into refinishing your floors, you want to make sure they’re done right. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to be sure you find the right company to sand your floor and give it the look you desire. But first, why should you even consider floor sanding in the first place? Well first, if you have wooden floors, that’s reason within itself. But second, take a look at the information below about why sanding wooden floors is so important.

The Importance of Floor Sanding

When living in a beautifully crafted Perth home, you may see a scraped up, worn, dirty, and damaged wood floor and feel incredibly intimidated. You may be tempted to cover it up or get rid of it entirely. But before you do either of those things, it’s important to understand that wooden floors are not only a valuable asset to a home, but an absolutely beautiful aesthetic in any home. If you want to make those wooden floors shine like new, floor sanding is absolutely a time- and money-worthy expense.

According to “Elegant Floor Services”, benefits of sanding hardwood floors include:

  • Sanding can repair damage from small repairs or wear, as well as to secure loose nails or planks.
  • Sanding allows you to re-stain your floors to once again achieve the color and looks you desire.
  • Sanding can help your floors look brand new again and feel much smoother as well.
  • After sanding, a sealant can be applied to protect your floors from future damage and wear.

Floor sanding is critical for those who want to take good care of their wooden floors and their home overall. But when trying to hire someone to do the job right, it can be both intimidating and exhausting, check out the tips below on how to find a trustworthy company to do your floor sanding for you.

How to Find the Best Provider

Perhaps the easiest, and the first step to take is to look online. When looking for a professional to get the job done right, you want a company with a solid reputation and dependable business. If that’s the case, you should be able to find some online presence, whether it’s a company website, a personal site, or online reviews through a business experience-related platform.

Often, the website will have pictures to show off the individual or company’s work. If they do a great job, they want to brag about it, right? A customer wants to know what they can expect, and one of the easiest ways to provide information is online. A website also helps prove that a company is reliable. Even better, you may be able to find a mission statement or some guarantee to give you the reassurance you’re looking for.

Knowledge & Experience

More than likely you’ll find this sort of information on the company’s website, but you want to make sure the company has an appropriate understanding of the treatments required for different kinds of wood. When it comes to floor sanding Perth experts will know that not all homes, floors, and treatments should be created equal.

If the company or individual’s knowledge or understanding of different types of wood isn’t stated online or even in a brochure, you’ll want to call them up. In fact, a phone call is likely a good idea anyway, because it will give you a good sense of just how professional the company or person you would be working with is.

How is their customer service? You can certainly tell a lot about a company based on your customer service experience. Make sure they’re able to answer every question you have, and with patience. Be sure to ask thorough questions about the different methods and products used while sanding a floor.

Inquire About the Details

While you have them on the phone, be sure to ask questions about floor maintenance. Once the sanding is done, you want it to last as long as possible. Is there something you should know about maintenance? Perhaps there are things they can suggest and even provide to give your floor a look you desire.

According to Cargo Collective, when it comes to technique, you also want to be sure to ask about the tools that would be used to sand your floor. When hiring a quality company, you should expect only the best equipment. It should be noted that top quality floor sanding machines allow the work to be done without an annoying amount of dust. Plus, great tools enable the work to be done efficiently without doing any damage to your floor.

How Much Will It Cost?

More times than not, if the price is too good to be true, it is. You want to be sure you have a realistic expectation of cost, to avoid both extremes. Too cheap isn’t a good idea but too expensive is a waste of money. This is where it helps to shop around a bit. Don’t talk to just one company. A lot of times companies will be competitive and may offer you a deal if you tell them another company offered you a certain price.


Floor sanding is incredibly important when it comes to both the aesthetic and the value of your wooden floors. If you want them to last as long as they should, the investment in upkeep is required. Because wooden floors aren’t exactly cheap to install, you want to be sure you’re hiring a company that can be trusted to take care of them. If you take the time to do just a little homework, it’s entirely worth it in the end.